Next livestream will be Saturday, February 25th 2017 @ 10am MTS.

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Hi, I'm Mackenzie Child. I'm a designer and illustrator.

This project is both an effort for me to deliberately practice design & illustration (most of which will be for another side project of mine called Chico) and also to share the process with others.

Some things I'll be doing

  • Drawing / illustrating my cat. He's my mascot. And he's on Instagram ;)
  • Attempting to write & illustrate stories that teach design through comic book (ish) style lessons.
  • Those first two are referring to that side project (Chico) above. You should check it out. It'll be cool I hope.
  • Probably some web design & maybe some other stuff, too.

When I'll be doing things

  • Saturday Mornings - 10am MST time.
  • Whenever else I can find time :)

Sign up below if you find those sort of things intriguing :) I'll be sending you dates / times and things.

(ps. Checkout Chico too. I think you'll like it)